Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bethenny Frankel Lied About Skinnygirl According To Forbes

Forbes did some investigating after the Huffington Post claimed Bethenny made only $8.1 million from selling Skinnygirl. According to Forbes findings Bethenny made more but it was far from $100 million. According to Forbes research Bethenny made no more than $64 million from the Skinnygirl deal. 

I believe what Ramona Singer said, the deal was only worth $30 million. Bethenny said herself on "THS" she lies alot. Read Forbes report . Also read what entertainment experts said about Bethenny's claim of making $120 million.


Anonymous said...

I believe ramona too lol. I believe she rich but not $100 million rich. Bethenny doesn't have any family you can't trust someone like that.

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