Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bethenny Frankel Orders Gag Order Aganist Towboat Company Who Accuse Her Of Lying To Hide Her Shadiness

Bethenny Frankel has issued a gag order on the towboat company that accused her of faking being lost at sea. On Oct 3, 2011 Tim Russell told reporters, the claim Bethenny made about being lost at sea was not true. The coast guard also confirmed that Bethenny GPS was indeed working and the boat was not in distress. After Mr. Russell released his statement there was a massive outcry from Bethenny's fans. Accusing her of being a liar.

In an attempt to avoid being further exposed. Bethenny told  NBC Today's Show she issued a gag order on Mr. Russell. Bethenny Frankel has lied about her life so many times, which she admits on her "E True Hollywood Story". So her distorting the facts and issuing a gag order on a towboat company for being honest, is not all that shocking.


Reality Freak said...

Caught red handed. I use to respect Bethenny but I'm starting to believe her mother. Somethings are not adding up with her.

Mom2Be said...

Dead at the title rotfl.

Anonymous said...

Why would she put a gag order on him? Now I think she really was lying.

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