Monday, October 17, 2011

Teresa Giudice Supposedly Getting Her On Cooking Show Will Probably Have Low Ratings Like Dina Manzo & Bethenny Frankel Shows

The Huffington Post is reporting that Teresa  I meant insiders are reporting she's getting her own cooking show. Here's what Naught But Nice Rob had to say (Teresa has him on speed dial). Warning the article makes no sense.

"Now that both of Teresa's books have made it on The New York Times best seller list, attorneys for the reality star have said that rather than having her debts expunged in bankruptcy court, she is paying off her creditors to avoid going to jail. However details about her new cooking show are scarce there are no  networks interested, and there is a big difference between shooting a new show and having a successful program make it on TV." Read more.

The show will probably have low viewership just like Bethenny Frankel spin-off. Her first year ratings were great almost 2 million per episode. "Bethenny Ever After" second season ratings bombed. She averaged 1 million per episode. Which was a 50% viewers drop

Bethenny is not the only one who has failed to bring in a huge amounts of viewers. Dina Manzo show is barely averaging 1 million viewers per episode. She's hanging on by a thread. The problem with the housewives is they assume they're a hot commodity outside of Bravo. Mostly because their fans but in reality outside of Bravo no one really cares about them.


housewivesoc said...

Teresa is always Naughty Rob source.

TeamManzo said...

I guess Teresa is trying to spin a story after her awful behavior last night. I think she knows her days on Bravo is numbered like Jill Zarin.

Anonymous said...

LOL I bet Teresa made this up. No network will take on here and her baggage. I don't believe it.

bravoelebrity said...

You're right without Bravo no one would give two cents about these clowns.

LucyPearl said...

Naught Rob is full of lies. He never has his info correct. No one will watch Teresa cooking show but herself lmao. She can barely speak proper english.

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