Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nene Leakes Responds To Redickulous Claims Of Him Performing For Her

NeNe Leakes is defending her decision to walk out during a male porn dancer’s performance on a recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta." NeNe clarified that her issue was more about logistics.

“Would you be at a party with your mom, aunt or people you do business with and watch a stripper suck his penis in front of everyone,”.

Redickulous claimed he performed for Nene twice on Watch What Happens Live. Nene says this never happened. She was PAID to host several gay events. She was paid to to introduce him to others, it was business not personal. Bloop bloop bloop! I think Nene did the right thing. Stripping and porn are two different things. 


Bravo Fan 88 said...

I would have left too. I think Bravo went to far showing this on air but they showed Sonja vagina all season on Rhony so im not surprised.

Jamelia said...

I love Nene "I took my eye balls out put in my purse".

Mom2be said...

I think Kandi is afreak and to obessed with sex. Maybe thats why she doesn't have a man.

Rosa said...

It certainly was porn. Phadera is an undercover hoodrat. She tries to act so cultured but makes bird decisions.

Reality Check said...

Nene need to stfu. She's so defensive, grow up.

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