Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nene Leakes And Peter Thomas Never Dated According To Peter Cast Members Behind This Lie

There are rumors circulating that Nene Leakes dated Peter Thomas (Cynthia Bailey's husband), years ago. According to Peter that is a complete lie. He was not familiar with Nene Leakes prior to the housewives. Peter lived in Los Angeles & Miami most of his life he had only been living in Atlanta 2 or 3 years prior to meeting Cynthia. Nene was married to Greg for 14 years (do the math). So this rumor is frivolous, just like the Charles Grant rumor.

Peter and Cynthia believes Sheree, Kim Zolciak, or Kandi  RHOA cast members maybe behind these lies. They're brushing it off and will not allow it to ruin their friendship with Nene Leakes. I guess while Nene,  Peter,  Cynthia are all working on projects their castmates have nothing else better to do but start rumors.


Reality Junkie said...

I knew this was a lie. LMAO I bet Kim or Sheree spread this rumor. It didn't make sense.

Sammie said...

I never believe this story. You forgot that peter also lived in London. Peter was dating real celebrities.

Lacie said...

Never bought it to begin with.

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