Thursday, January 26, 2012

Brandi Glanville Says Taylor Armstrong Begin Writing A Book About Her Dead Husband 3 Days After He Died

There is blood on the wall! Dana Wikley (who you probably aren't familiar with) has been on twitter attacking and provoking arguments with Brandi Glanville for the past two weeks. No one knew what the cyber assaults were all about. Since Dana is a attention whore all of the housewives fans assumed she was up to her old attention whore tactics. It turns out there was a war of words between Brandi Glanville and Taylor Armstrong according to Gather. Dana who is bff with Taylor, sided with Taylor.

Brandi was said to have unleash a verbal arse whipping on Shana. I meant Taylor, at the Housewives Of Beverly Hills reunion.
Brandi allegedly told Taylor, "Russell was only dead three days, and you were already writing a book about it". When Taylor warn Brandi to stay out of her business Brandi responded "you made your business public".
It seems like Brandi is the only wife bold enough to call Taylor out on some of her screened behavior. I do believe that Taylor may have suffered minor abuse but that she exaggerated & sensationalized it to gain friendships and attention from her cast mates. We've all seen how Taylor Armstrong attacked Camille Grammer & Lisa Vanderpump. Do you really believe trailer park Shana Taylor would allow Russell to just beat on her and do nothing?!

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Emily said...

I love how you make the post funny. Trailer Park Shana rotfl!

Kelly said...

EWW when the gloves come off!!! Brandi went off on her. I can't wait to watch the reunion!!!

Anonymous said...

So true. I don't believe she would seat in a corner and allow Russell to abuse her. I never could picture this in my head. She bossed Russell around most ofthe time.

BoycottKimK said...

This is what i have been saying. She at least hit him back but i don't believe for one second she was innocent in all this.

Amy said...

I like Taylor. I disagree. I believe was abused but it is poor judgement for her to write a book this soon about kennedy's father.

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