Friday, January 27, 2012

Gerald Butler Is Upset That Brandi Glanville Revealed They Had Tantric Sex For A Week Says She's Lying

Brandi revealed on "Watch What Happens Live" that she and actor Gerald Butler had tantric sex for a week, in the summer of 2011. Well Gerald who shops at my neighborhood Whole Foods denied it. He really isn't all that. I've seen him without the Hollywood lights and makeup. He reminds of a drunken college professor, as a matter of fact, he tried to come on to my 19 year old baby sister. 

The actor told TMZ he doesn’t even know who the RHOBH star even is, asking the camera, “who’s Brandi Glanville?” So, is Brandi lying about doing the dirty with the hunky star? Absolutely not! Brandi tells RumorFix exclusively
 “He called me last night and told me what he said. He is upset because he is a private person. I don’t lie so I don’t really care.” The former model also Tweeted on Friday morning, “I don’t lie. So he can suck it!”


Reality Junkie said...


bohemian dream said...

I go to school at UCLA. I've heard rumors of him lurking the campus and sleeping in dorm rooms. So i'm not surprised either housewives daily lol.

digal704 said...

Brandi is trifling. I wouldn't clams her either.

Tara said...

She look better than bulldog Leann.

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