Monday, January 23, 2012

Nene Leakes Hints That She's Leaving The Housewives Of Atlanta

Last night Nene Leakes tweeted "I can't wait to say good bye!" referring to her RHOA cast mates. The comment sent Nene's fans into a frenzy. Leaving her fans to believe that she is planning to leave the housewives franchise.

I hope that she remains on the series but based on her recent interviews it seems unlikely.


Jess said...

I saw that tweet. My heart dropped. I hoping she will stick around but she seem so unhappy. I think she's really hurt by Kim & Sheree.

Anonymous said...

I hope not either, if she leaves a lot of ppl will not be watching, me for one. I can't atand Sheree',Phaedra nor ugly gold digging Kim. The are boring ass hell on there, especially last night episode with Kim and Kroy (yawns).

BoycottKIMK said...

I think nene should at least alpologize to kim. She did attack kim on that bus. I think sheree is just jealous of nene and phaedra came on the show judging nene.

cindi said...

Nene did say if Bravo would changed up the cast she would consider staying on the show. I heard on the radio but I agree with Jess. I think she's hurt. Some people aren't built for reality tv.

reality fanatic said...

Nene is too sensitive for reality tv. People assume because she's tall and loud at times, she doesn't have feelings. I think all of the drama has taken it's toll on her. I like her and Phaedra alot but at the end of the day she has to do what's best for her.

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