Monday, November 7, 2011

Phaedra Parks Ex Employee To Pen A Tell All About Phaedra & Apollo Criminal Past

Fakedra Phaedra Parks ex employee named Angela Stanton is raising eyebrows. According to Angela she worked for Phaedra and commited crimes with Phaedra Park's husband Apollo. The crimes were not white collar crimes like Phaedra claimed but more like class B & C felonies. Angela tell all is due to hit bookshelves sometime in 2012. View Angela's tweets below. 

This would explain Phaedra and Sheree not wanting to be featured on the Bravo Special "Before They Were Famous". To many skeletons. Sheree Whitfield was said to had serve time in jail for writing bad checks and never graduated High School. Sheree at age 19 was also arrested for shoplifting twice. 


Reality Junkie said...

LMAO! I knew something fishy was up with them not appearing on the special.

RHOBH FAN said...

Well at least nene put all her skeletons out front. Sheree never graduated high school?!?

Bravo Celebrity 44 said...

I believe her. Apollo was arrested this year in decatur about something and Phaedra lied and said he wasn't. I dont trust her as far as i can see.

Mom2Be said...

They both look shadie to me. Phaedra is faker then kim and nene weaves put together. I heard she only represent Z list celebrities like sheree and that ex destiny child memeber.

Tamara said...
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