Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kandi Burruss Cheated & Had A Baby By A Married Man With Children!?!

One of Nene Leakes followers drop some heavy tea about Miss Kandy Burruss. That would probably explain why she's single (karma). According to a woman named J.R, Kandy cheated with a married man. Kandy later found out she was pregnant but her child's father stayed with his wife & kids.

The RHOA drama is deep. I do feel it needs to be toned down. The show isn't fun anymore just pure drama. Read the tweet from J.R below. This story is to be continued.

Update 1: I have some people emailing me saying he wasn't married but engaged to another woman not Kandi. Allegedly Kandi was aware of his fiancee. Others are saying he has been married for years but doesn't make it public. His name is "Russell Block Spencer".

Update 2: Kandi tweeted her baby daddy was NOT married. Thanks to Jenni for alerting me.

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Reality Star said...

housewives daily lmao. Girl two bombs in one day! I wouldn't put it pass Kandi. She's a freak.

Cherie said...

Clutches pearls.

Sammie said...

I knew Kandi dirt would start creeping out. She's always in everybody else's business.

BravoJenni said...

Your right. RHOA isn't fun to watch anymore. To much drama no fun is an imbalance. I wish these ladies would try to get along. Sheree is the worst of all she's messy.

Shelly said...

I live in Atlanta. Word is the baby daddy is Block from Block Entertainment. He was not married but engaged with children. Kandi knew of his fiancee prior to getting pregnant because they had words.

I will email you and give you more information to continue the post.

Eric said...

Kandi is a known slut around Atlanta. She is now dipping in the lady pond.

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