Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dina Manzo Caught Gossiping About Jaqueline Laurita To Teresa Giudice

Today a fan ask Jaqueline Laurita a question concerning her relationship with sister-in-law, Dina Manzo. Jaqueline responded by saying Dina had been bad mouthing her to Teresa Giudice. Jaqueline confronted Dina Manzo about the hurtful things Teresa Giudice (always in drama) told Jaqueline that Dina had said.

 Dina (who claims to be drama free) denied saying anything to Teresa about Jacqueline but in some twisted way Dina and Teresa are still BFF. I guess Dina Manzo didn't mind Teresa backstabbing her but it wasn't ok for Caroline Manzo to do so. See Jacqueline's Laurita tweets below. Shadie of Dina and dumb of Teresa to tell Jacqueline!


Jamie said...

I'm shocked Dina would get involved. I knew behind the scene something was going on. Dina is not as nice as she pretends.

RHONJFAN said...

Not shocked Teresa is nobody friend and Dina loves to hit and hide her hands. Dina is just queit with her drama.

bravoelebrity55 said...

Dina was the one who started that Danielle drama. Some how Teresa and Caroline got blame. Caroline was not around them in the beginning. Danielle book drama was 100% Dina and Teresa doing.

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