Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kim Zolciak's Husband Kroy Biermann Is Only Worth 1.8 Million

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Last night a commenter made a accusation that Nene Leakes was richer than Kroy. I believe the statement to be untrue. So I researched and found that the statement was indeed accurate. Kroy contract is worth 1.8 million over 4 years. At least now people can stop saying Kim married him for money. Read more about Kroy's contract here.

He's near broke. Kim will be sneaking around the corner to Big Papa house for some extra cheese. I heard he assisted with the wedding cost.


Sammy said...

WOW! I assumed he was worth more. They are def living beyond their means. Kim was laughing a Cynthia but her husband not far behind Peter.

Tina said...

Kim is broke like everyone else she tries to front like she's better off than the rest.

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