Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Evelyn Lozada Stop Talking To Jennifer Williams Because She's Jealous Of Nene Leakes

Jennifer Williams sat down with Sister2Sister, to discuss why she and Evelyn friendship fell apart.  
"She hates the fact that I’m really good friends with NeNe Leakes, and she hates the fact that me and Mashonda are good friends,” Jennifer explains, alluding to Evelyn’s jealousy over her new-found friendships."
“NeNe is such a good person. I don’t think you really find a lot of people in the same business that you bond with because I feel like everyone is so competitive and everybody is so worried about the next person doing more than them, and it’s not like that with her at all. She’s always trying to encourage me. She’s just always trying to uplift me, and I need people like that around me. I love that about her. There’s no jealousy. There’s no competition. We try to complement each other.” 
Someone please tell Evelyn Whore Bag Lozada that high school is over.

Update 1: Evelyn responded to Jennifer's article. Calling her "fake contacts" but Evelyn has fake breast. The pot calling the kettle black. Jennifer didn't entertain her tweets.

Update 2 : Evelyn people sent me an email. She spoke with Nene on the phone. She has no beef with Nene Leakes. She also gave an interview to Necole Bitchie.
Nene and I spoke on the phone yesterday. She was like, “I am so happy that you called me because I have had discussions with Jennifer, and I told her I know that Evelyn doesn’t have a problem with me. Why would she? I know it wasn’t an issue with me and I told her that.” I don’t care who Jennifer hangs out with. I get it! You’re single. You’re having a good time. We’re in two different spaces right now, and frankly I don’t want to be in the club every night because my life is different.
Update 3: Jennifer Williams fans is saying Sister 2 Sister magazine remove the entire article from their site because it was exaggerated and taking out on context by sis2sis mag. Which really hurt Jennifer Williams. I promise no more updates unless one of these heffas rob a liquor store.


Reality Junkie said...

This is so childish. I can't stand evelyn.

Page said...

This doesn't surprise me at all. Why doesn't she focus on that cheating snake crawling up inside her and leave Jen alone.

Erica said...

Is it because had sex with Swizz Beats because Evelyn is a known whore. Why else would she not like Mashonda?

Bravo Celebrity said...

Evelyn have a seat.

BoycottKIMK said...

Why is she jealous of Nene?

Maybe because Nene gets more work in Hollywood, this is the only reason I can think of.

Now Mashonda is a different story, she's prettier than Evelyn, richer than Evelyn, she's not a whore like evelyn, and she's very talented.

@ Erica has a great point she probably had sex with Mashonda's ex husband.

Stacey said...

I never understood why Jennifer was friends with Evelyn. She always seemed a little more reserved than that loud hood rat.

Faith said...

I don't like nene or evelyn but I would roll with nene any day before I would with evelyn. Her and that dumb ass circle of hers. Jen should have listen to royce long ago.

Evelyn Fan said...

Thanks for updating the post because evelyn is not a hater.

Hanna said...

Strange they remove the article. I don't think Jen said all of this. This is just so stupid.

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