Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Marlo Hampton Has Really Only Been Arrested 3 Times Not 7

Many bloggers are reporting that Marlo Hampton was arrested 7 times, for 7 different crimes. This is false.   Marlo was actually arrested only 3 times. Marlo charges were check bouncing, misdemeanor assault, and disorderly conduct.

The 4 other arrests stem from her assault case. Marlo was on probation so every time she had some sort of run in with the law they would charge her twice (for the crime committed & breaking probation) which total 7 times. Marlo did not commit 7 crimes only 3.


Mom2Be said...

I'm happy you explained this. The law is very tricky.

Sonya said...

This is correct because my son had this same issue. If your on probation and break the law they arrest you twice. One for the crime the other by your probation officer. So I clearly uncerstand now.

libertylondongurl said...

My dad is a lawyer. He had to explain it to me.

Erica said...

Ok i just read the report you're right she was really only arrest 3 times. The other four charges were for breaking probation. Shes so pretty to get in trouble.

Bravo Celebrity said...

so the victim actually started the fight. shame on both of them for fighting over a man. but i wouldn't let anyone attack me so i not mad at marlo.

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