Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is Cedric Martinez And Adrienne Maloof's Chef Bernie Guzman Lovers Or Friends?

There is rumors circulating that Cedric Martinez and Bernie Guzman (Adrienne Maloof's chef) may have had an intimate relationship. The two were allegedly spotted at Coupa Cafe in Beverly Hills over a month ago. There were also another Cedric and Bernie sighting at the Beverly Gardens Park but not together arriving separately. Are the two friends or something other? If the rumors is true. This would explain Bernie's sudden distaste for Lisa Vanderpump post Cedric's departure. Lisa said she barely knew or spoke to Bernie Guzman and was surprised by his feelings about her.

Is Bernie Adrienne's henchman or Cedric Martinez's? Maybe a little of both.

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star said...

AMEN!!! I had no clue Bernie and Cedric were getting it in! Lmao at henchman.

Reality Expert said...

I think he's Adrienne's puppet.

kim possible said...

No servant would behave that way unless the master (Adrienne) approves.

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