Monday, February 6, 2012

Cedric Martinez Says Taylor Armstrong Used To Hit Russell Too And Russell Armstrong's Family Consults Two Attorneys

Shana Ford Taylor Armstrong is set to release her new tell-all book, "Hiding From Reality", on Tuesday, and she's already feeling a lot of heat. Russell's family isn't too happy about the things that she says in her book and Russell's sister, Laurie, is planning to sue. Star magazine is reporting that Russell Armstrong's family is consulting two LA based attorneys and plan to file a lawsuit in the next few weeks. A lot of people feel as though Taylor should not have come out with this book, at least not four months after Russell's suicide. Star magazine is also claiming Russell's family has a book deal in the works.

Cedric Martinez also spoke out about Taylor's book describing the couple as 
“both lying fame whores who got in way over their heads and frequently got physical with each other. Taylor would hit him too. Her insta-memoir will further bury Russell's memory with lies and half-truths, of which he can't defend himself against. Sad. Especially for Russell's children, Kennedy, Griffin and Aiden.” 
I'm glad Cedric confirm what I already heard. Taylor hit Russell too. There were rumors of them both slapping each other at a party some years ago. 


Anonymous said...

I'm not suprised I always knew they both hit each other. You can tell by Taylor ghetto behavior with the other wives.

Ihatebethenny said...

And the source is Cedric of all people. I do believe that Taylor and Russell were both abusive.

Anonymous said...

Taylor is so aggressive on the show. Launching herself to physically attack Camille's fried ( Taylor had to be held back), yelling and screaming all the time. She is no wallflower and always took Russell by the hand to lead him out of parties.

Mesofly said...

So they both hit each other sounds about right. I don't believe taylor was innocent. She played a part in this abuse. I think Cedric is telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Well that is what Russell sister said, that Taylor had hit Russell as well.

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