Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bravo Says Kim Zolciak Will Not Have A Spinoff Only A Wedding Special

According to Bravo Kim Zolciak will not have a spinoff series. They plan to do a wedding special docu-series. There will be no second season or anything beyond. 

 Bravo says viewers will get to see all the stress as "Kim rushes to find a dress, lose remaining baby weight, and cosmetically enhance trouble areas." Throw in the fact that she's planning the $1 million affair in two months and that her mother refuses to attend. Basically the same stuff she does on RHOA. 


Erica said...

Lmao! She's to boring.

Reality Junkie said...

I won't watch she's a undercover racist.

Bravo Celebrity said...

I bet the ratings will be bad. After the first two episodes.

Bravo Fan 88 said...

Watching her and Kroy is like watch paint dry.

Bravo Doll said...

No one wants to watch this lazy heffa seat in the bed all day, screaming for sweetie.

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