Saturday, December 3, 2011

Kim Zolciak Never Paid Her Wig Stylist Ayana Brown Made False Promises Of A Guest Appearance On The Housewives

According to a source close to Kim Zolciak's wig stylist (Ayana Brown). Kim stiffed Ayana Brown out of cash & publicity. Ayana has been allegedly supplying Kim with free custom wigs. In return, Kim promised Ayana a guest appearance on "The Real Houswives Of Atlanta" for exposure but that never occured. Instead shadie Kim credited Derek J for creating her custom looks. Leaving Ayana penniless and unacknowledged. All of the wigs above were created by Ayana Brown.

The source also said Kim Zolciak's so called wig collection is shenanigans. Here is Ayana Brown's facebook page.


Sammie said...

Why would she trust Kim? I wouldn't give her water for free.

I'm happy you moved those racist comments. Calling someone a hunky is not nice.

Reality Star said...

The wigs are tacky anyway. Kim always appear sloppy. Don't understand why she wears them.

NYC fashionista said...

I don't like Kim can't believe Bravo is giving a woman who sleep around with a married man a special. They didn't do it for Cynthia and she's far more interesting then Kim & that young boy.

Sarah said...

She should sue the wig off of kim lol.

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