Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chrissy Lampkin From Love & Hip Hop Criminal Past

Here is what a source had to say about Chrissy. All their words not mine. This is all allegedly.

“Chrissy has been hustling since she was 15 years old. She’s now 42, and she’s been using her p**sy to get Gucci and gold.

Chrissy and her crew were involved in different crimes like credit card schemes, shoplifters, mules from NYC to D.C. They were setting up dudes to get robbed. Chrissy has dated dope boys like the infamous drug kingpin Alpo Martinez and his partner Rich Porter also three New York Knick players. She even slept with Jay Z when he was 23 years old.

Chrissy’s last trick/sponsor/boyfriend cheated on her with a popular video hoe. Chrissy decided to rob him for $32,000 then she ran to Miami to shop and have fun on his dime. Then dude and his crew tracked Chrissy down. The Nicca knocked out her front teeth and in return Chrissy had her peeps send him a message that if he does not pay for her dental bill and buy her breast implants he’s going to get hit with the Rico Act. Dude paid all Chrissy’s bills and that was the end of her and street dudes.

Chrissy took her skills to reality television hoping her broke rapper boyfriend will help her to continue to live a easy lifestyle.”

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Bravo-Addict said...

Nothing to say. I need a chair. DAM!

Mom2Be said...

SHOCKING but believable! Sounds about right.

Strawberry Girl 11 said...

This would explain why she's so pretty but insecure. Have nothing going on for her. Geez though. She really can't talk about Kimbella.

Sherry said...

o_O This is all.

Reallity Sinkin In said...

She's 42! No wonder why she's begging for a ring. Hotmess.com

Anonymous said...

Why do you guys think this is true??? I like Chrissy and i think this is all B.S

Erica said...

Well this is no secret. I'm from New York and Chrissy has dated alot of men in the music industry. That's why I was shocked she judge Kimbella. Everyone in harlem knows Chrissy is a hustler. She has Jim pu**y whipped and it so much older than him. That's why mama Jones don't like her.

Karen said...

@Anonymous You are clearly one of these people who are aware of Chrissy from the reality show. Everyone else who's heard of her before isn't shocked by none of this. I still like her but like Erica said this is old news. Chrissy is a ghetto fabulous hood booger. She's a street girl who got by on hustling and her looks. Now she's pushing 50 years old and trying to get wifed up.

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