Monday, January 30, 2012

Sheree Whitfield & Phaedra Parks Stopped Bravo From Casting Maja Sly & Their Evil Plan Backedfired

Nene dropped some info on her twitter today. According to Nene Leakes Bravo wanted to cast Maja Sly on the Real Housewives Of Atlanta season 4 but Sheree Whitfield & Fauxdra Parks protested so that Marlo Hampton could be casted on the show. Maja is a salon owner, real estate guru, and socialite. Maja also owns two hair supplies boutiques in Buckhead, GA & Dunwoody, GA. Maja is married to a doctor.

Sheree & Fauxdra recruited Marlo Hampton with the intentions she would be an antagonist for Nene Leakes.
Fauxdra had nothing but kind things to say about Marlo then "Marlo and Charles are one of the hottest couples in Atlanta". She also said "Marlo is a huge socialite. People are always checking for her fashion". Marlo could do no wrong when they thought she was Nene #1 enemy. 
Fauxdra even allowed Marlo in her house around her son. Sheree & Fauxdra evil plan began to unravel when Marlo then boyfriend Charles Grant rumored to have slept with Nene, dispelled the rumor. Informing them that he and Nene so call affair was contrived by bloggers and that they had been misinformed. Sheree & Fauxdra immediately kicked Marlo to the curb upon discovering they couldn't manipulate or use her to meet their own mischievous needs.

Marlo has been very assertive and pushing back at Kandi, Phaedra, and Sheree. I guess they were under the impression Marlo Hampton would go quietly into the night. When they no longer needed her. She's doing everything but that. Yes Fauxdra & Sheree plan blew up in their faces.

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Oh wow. She seem to have been a great fit. Well at least she'll get some shine now. Dead laughing at Fauxdra.

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