Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Phaedra Parks Leaving The Atlanta Housewives For Love And Hip Hop Atlanta ?!

Phaedra Parks allegedly is leaving The Atlanta Housewives for another reality show "Love And Hip Hop Atlanta". Sources say Fuaxdra may actually be considering jumping ship from Real Housewives of Atlanta to position working along side Mona Scott. 

This would be a downgrade. Love and Hip Hop mostly consists of baby mamas that have never been married, washed up rappers, and lots of physical violence (mostly weave pulling). I'm sure Fuaxdra will fit in with her ex con husband and boughetto ways.

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Mike said...

Love and Hip Hop is def not a good move. The Atlanta will be worst than NYC. I bet they will not have the same success. None of the real shakers and movers will be involved in the show.

Star said...

Atlanta has nothing but fakers here.

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