Friday, February 10, 2012

Taylor Armstrong Pretending To Be A Fan Accidentally Tweets Herself

Taylor Armstrong tweeted herself yesterday pretending she was a fan inspired by her book. She is such an inspiration to me and other women! Thank you so much!! xo” (tweet below).


Reality Junkie said...

LOL! Her PR is working over time.

Meredith said...

She said she was trying to retweet it. Shana is a fraud.

M Knows said...! Happy to see you moving right along smooches.

Page said...

Shady shana pathetic!

Mom2Be said...

Not surprised.

Harper I have a cool name for your new website. I'm going to email you.

libertylondongurl said...

@Mom2Be Ok! Would love input. I have two good ones so far. : )

Day Dreamer said...

Still waiting on this lying heffa to reveal her medical records. Have you seen them?

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